Nice to meet you.

I’m Corinne White.


My style.

Positive attitude. Approachable style. Sense of humor. High energy. Even-keeled. Hands-on. Results-oriented. Strives to exceed expectations – every time. Believes that the strength of the people within an organization is core to its success.

My expertise, you ask?

23 years of marketing and management experience. The highlights? Tactical and strategic marketing. Budgets from tens of thousands to tens of millions. Primary and secondary research. Qualitative and quantitative. In-house and with the use of external firms. Internal and external personnel, agency and vendor management. End-to-end solution or point solution, dependent on client need.

Extensive experience in all aspects of marketing. Industry Analysis. Market Research. Product Positioning. Channel Strategies. Branding. Messaging. Competitive Intelligence. Customer/Partner/User Experience. And more.

In-depth understanding of the entire spectrum of B2B and B2C customers and players. Direct to end user. Two-step and Three-step Channel Distribution. Resellers. Distributors. Retailers. Service Providers. Cataloguers. Expeditors. Re-packagers. Brokers. Dealers. Sales Agents. Manufacturing Reps. And more.

Substantial insight across numerous industries and verticals. Technology. Construction. Services. Manufacturing/OEM. Employment. Education. Retail. Gaming. Hospitality. Recreation. Semiconductor. Real Estate. Nonprofit. Security. Telecommunications. Travel. Just to name a few.

Considerable knowledge across B2B and B2C products and services. Enterprise solutions. Point solutions. Commodity products. Made-to-order/custom products. For-profit services. Nonprofit services. Experienced at bringing new products/services to existing markets, taking existing products/services into new markets and revitalizing existing products/services in existing markets.

Works extensively - both domestically and abroad - with a wide spectrum of an organization’s internal structure, including Marketing. Product Management. Sales. Operations. IT. Public Relations. Investor Relations. Human Resources. Business Development. Product Development. Facilities Management. Finance. Accounting. And also field selling organizations, third-party selling organizations, partners, and key customers.

Masters from the University of Texas at Austin. Bachelors from Baylor University.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about you.