How may I help you?

What I do.

By providing strategic planning services, primarily in the form of online primary market research initiatives, including Market Analysis. Market Segmentation. Product Positioning. Brand Awareness & Perception. Customer/User Experience. Channel Program Development/Improvement. Competitive Intelligence. Process Development/Improvement. Data Synthesis (house systems and/or external sources).

Specific to each client’s individual needs, market research initiatives may take the form of any of the following: Quantitative or qualitative surveys. Online or via panel. Point solution or end-to-end project. Country-specific or worldwide. Primary or secondary research. And more.

But don't take my word for it.

Corinne White has an excellent grasp of strategic marketing as well as the ability to know how to approach a project. She led a market research initiative with us that focused on our primary customer base within our primary market. She set the course to further penetrate and commercially capitalize with our product offering. This project required understanding of and defining the scope of the project; involving the internal customers and gaining consensus; understanding the channel and end users; conducting the research; analyzing, interpreting and reporting the information to executive management; and then staying involved in the process to provide continuous improvement. Corinne understands that marketing is an investment, not an expense, and strategy should drive all aspects of the business in order for the business to understand their final destination. Establishing the strategy is the heart of marketing. To accomplish a strategic plan, understanding the customer and what they value is of utmost importance. Corinne White delivers on the strategic marketing process.
— World Wide Business Unit Manager, 3M
Not only was Corinne a pleasure to have on the team, but her professionalism, dedication, and quality are unsurpassed. She is a highly skilled professional as well as a very nice person. Her contributions to our team and the company as a whole are monumental.
— Director, Global Services, Convergys
Corinne is a master at survey work, both in helping create surveys, administering them, and analyzing/interpreting results. She has been a treasured resource for me and my team.
— Chief Marketing Officer, AlienVault
The strategy behind our channel marketing program became the ‘standard’ for the company’s business models moving forward. This would not have been possible without Corinne White. Spearheading the effort, she worked closely with and across multiple organizations within the company to build the marketing plan from scratch. Her professionalism, compassion and enthusiasm helped sustain the program’s momentum over its tenure and her skill sets were invaluable to our company. Her knowledge and expertise in the marketing field added tremendous value to the entire marketing organization and to each business line. Corinne’s holistic approach toward obtaining results from a strategic point of view sets her apart from other marketing professionals.
— Executive Vice President, Technology & Operations, Agillion
Working with Corinne White is a true pleasure. She exceeds my expectations with every project. Her level of expertise is self-evident, her efforts genuine and her results speak for themselves. Her delivery of strategic plans is always on time and on target, making the work effortless on my part.
— Owner, By Design
Corinne was by far the most prepared consultant we spoke to. The work she has done is extremely impressive and speaks volumes for her level of experience and knowledge.
— Chairman, 2Vox
Corinne White led the effort to completely rebuild the go-to-market strategy for our primary channel. She conducted and analyzed primary market research, and as a result, led us in re-aligning the entire sales force and customer service organizations as well as restructuring the existing channel partner program. She was also instrumental in gaining buy-in from our entire internal sales force, marketing and customer service organizations as well as the executive teams of our six largest channel partners. Corinne kept the project within budget and set in motion tools to measure its success. Typical of every project she leads, she put 150% into this endeavor. Corinne’s efforts were the primary reason we were able to develop and launch this strategy and the programs within it as efficiently and effectively as we did.
— National Distribution Manager & Strategic Accounts, 3M